Your company’s most effective defense against a cyber attack is expertise and vigilance. To bring you the best of both, our process is collaborative, comprehensive and responsive.

Ho’ike Technologies offers two choices in managed security services:

Huina - Total Coverage

Huina – Total Coverage for complete cyber security (huina is Hawaiian for cluster).
Includes all a la carte services.

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Koho - Ala Carte Services

Koho – Ala Carte Services
(koho is Hawaiian for choice)

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Whether it’s Huina or Koho, we make sure you have the tools and services in place to secure your data and your company.

Included in both is the Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

The CISO is a senior security executive that oversees the building, growing, managing and updating of the information security program.  Today’s modern CISO must wear multiple hats:

1. IT Expert
2. Business Leader
3. Investigator
4. Thought Leader

Ho’ike Technologies brings your company access to senior security leadership at a fraction of the cost.

Ho’ike Technologies offers a Virtual Security Operations Center where we monitor your company’s security infrastructure in a centralized location.

The VSOC relies on four main tools:

• Security information and event management (SIEM)
• Vulnerability management
• Incident Management
• Managed firewalls 

Our Process

We begin with a Needs Assessment meeting so that we may learn more about your business and your expectations, and you learn more about protecting your data from hackers and bad actors.

We will help you choose between Total Coverage and Ala Carte services.

Risk Assessment

Every engagement begins with a Risk Assessment, top to bottom, to tell us the current state of your data security and what work needs to be done to bring your systems to a state where our cybersecurity and information security programs can run automatically.

The Risk Assessment is especially critical for organizations in highly regulated industries with compliance mandates (e.g., financial services, healthcare, government, etc.)

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