Managed Firewalls (and Penetration Testing)

Internet access is a constant and access is usually through a simple router, which provides no protection at all. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) similarly provide no protection.

When a hacker encounters a new target they attempt to penetrate its defenses. If you have no firewall, they walk right in. If there is a firewall, their hope is that it is old and porous.

We install an enterprise-class firewall from a top tier vendor, which carries next-generation (NGFW) tools. These are the same tools that major financial institutions, and even the government employ. We provide this to our customers at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, our team conducts penetration testing to ensure that your defenses are solid. If we find a weak spot, we fix it, then test again. We conduct these tests twice a year, unless your company has compliance requirements, in which case we test quarterly.

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