Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC)

Your security is monitored and controlled from our centralized location. The vSOC relies on four main tools:


Security Information and Event Management
Knowing is half the battle.
A SIEM allows an organization to see what is happening and then formulate an adequate response.



Incident Management

How you respond to a crisis is the difference between short or long term losses.
We provide an incident response process that was crafted from the international framework for incident response handling.
We’ve scaled the incident response process down to address the needs of the small and mid-sized client.

Vulnerability Management

The easiest avenue to breach your organization is through unpatched systems.  Vulnerability management allows you to identify systems that need to be patched or updated.  Many of these patches are critical security patches.
Just keep in mind, it was an unpatched system of a SMB business partner of Target’s that lead to their breach.

Managed Firewalls

Keep the wolves at the gate!
One of the trickiest things an organization can face is establishing a perimeter defense.
Many organizations set their firewall up and forget it.
In the mean time, cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to breach your defenses.
We manage your firewall so you are up to date on any new threats.

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